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Aug. 12th, 2006 | 12:35 pm
tunes: don't you forget about me

So, last night, extreme deja-vu experience. Nate and I are hanging out in his basement, about to go to sleep, when Mallison drives up. He brought three more things to return to me: two books I gave him and an envelope addressed "Rachel". He left without a word, with me standing in the driveway, staring, puzzled. I was too tired to read the letter last night, I didn't want to have to deal with "never-talk-to-me-again"s right before bed. I've been having nightmares as it is.

This morning I open the letter, but it's not a letter. It's $400, cash.

So we have nothing in common anymore. We don't owe anything to each other anymore. He chose to return his gifts, I chose to keep mine. All's fair in war. I miss him.

I am missing a friend that I had so well once. Moreso I'm guilty of killing that friendship, I'm guilty of selfish acts, I'm guilty of - well, I have four 100 dollar bills sitting next to me. It's rather distracting.

So, that's it. And everything we ever said to each other, promised each other, was for nothing. Just $400.

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